Boris plays Oslo


Boris played at John Dee last Tuesday night, bringing Michio Kurihara with them.

Boris seems to have a wide variety of fans in Norway, ranging from the very young and geeky, through the metal squad, to the old-timer crowd that turns up at anything remotely noise-related. That may be my category, by the way, it’s hard to tell from inside it.

This is the second show I’ve caught with them this year, the first being at the Borealis, a great contemporary music festival in Bergen. That was a seated audience show at BIT, while John Dee is your typical club stage. Let’s just say that works a lot better – in Bergen, Atsuo jumped off his drum set and tried to rouse the first row into standing up, at least. But the crowd there was expecting doomy, SUNNO)))-like drones, not a great rock band, so that didn’t quite take. Even so, the show was good enough to turn my companions, both new to Boris, into die-hard fans literally overnight.

And, a great rock band is precisely what they were at John Dee, with a varied, standing, head-banging crowd. The set consisted mostly of Smile songs, with some flashbacks to Pink and Rainbow, but no evil ones or abandoning-oneself were in sight, unfortunately. Still, see them if you get a chance, but do bring your ear plugs.




Today is my first day between jobs since, ooh, January 1, 2000, in fact – and only the second time between jobs at all – I’ve been very faithful to my second employer. I’m now joining a start-up, which is a new thing for me. 

Why am I writing this here? What do you care? Ah, the mysteries of blogospherics. 

Maybe you expected something interesting here. Got two things: I have some thoughts on the programmatic useability of OSGi service filters (or lack thereof) that I won’t tell yet, because of the second thing: I’m heading downtown to catch the Boris show quite soon. So try later.