Kjetil is a programmer with a focus on Java. He is particularly interested in programming languages, and used to be a functional fan in his academic days. They ended with a bang and a thesis on how to compile Scheme for the JVM. This was followed by years of doing industrial Java and OO in general, but he is now revisiting the functional side the JVM, which has returned for real in the form of Scala.

He may also be guilty of some .NET programming, due to circumstances beyond his control. He is hoping that brief stint with Smalltalk back in the day may be enough to atone.

His blog in Norwegian: navlelo

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2 Responses to “On Kjetil”

  1. Saurabh Mahadik Says:


    Do you know where the Hadoop, HBase and OSGi integration is heading to?

  2. Kjetil V. Says:

    Hi there,

    No idea, really; you’ll have to ask them.

    They don’t seem to have much going on wrt. OSGi, so for the moment we have to make our own bundles, API bundles. Which I haven’t done in a while, since I’m looking at other tech at the moment.

    Check out http://felix.apache.org/site/apache-felix-maven-bundle-plugin-bnd.html

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