Today is my first day between jobs since, ooh, January 1, 2000, in fact – and only the second time between jobs at all – I’ve been very faithful to my second employer. I’m now joining a start-up, which is a new thing for me. 

Why am I writing this here? What do you care? Ah, the mysteries of blogospherics. 

Maybe you expected something interesting here. Got two things: I have some thoughts on the programmatic useability of OSGi service filters (or lack thereof) that I won’t tell yet, because of the second thing: I’m heading downtown to catch the Boris show quite soon. So try later.

One Response to “exit(employer2)”

  1. Mikkel Says:

    I meant to stop by and say hi yesterday, but each time I saw you you were in a meeting. I’ll be in Oslo through May 12th. Good luck and keep in touch!

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