Welcome to Level 59


So, the company I work for now has just been acquired, by a big player. No, not big – a very, very big player, in fact. Big enough to be their own little world. Those of you who read between the (code) lines of my previous post might guess which – or you probably already know. (I doubt anyone who doesn’t know me reads this anyway.)

For four days now, I will be a level 59 programmer – this is the initial ranking in this particular world. After that, I’m leaving to be a consultant for a company looking at OSGi technology. Once that ends, I’ll be joining a small start-up.

Hold your breath for more exciting posts on both the acquired-by-big-player scenario and the crazy-little-start-up scenario!

One Response to “Welcome to Level 59”

  1. Amund Tveit Says:

    Seems that I have to quickly buy some popcorn and wait for news about your crazy-little-start-up.

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